CNC four-roll plate bending machine

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Fully-CNC four-roll plate bending machine | Three-roll plate bending machine


Characteristics of Nantong Xuanjun CNC four-roll plate bending machine

★CNC control system;

★Convenient plate alignment;

★One-time edge rolling;

★Convenient large-taper cone rolling;

★Convenient edge misalignment correction;

★The swing of side roll arc enhances the forming force based on the leverage;

★Proportional valves on both sides of the pressure roll are controlled in a synchronized way.


Advantages of four-roll plate bending machine of Nantong Xuanjun Machinery

★Fully-hydraulic drive, high efficiency and energy conservation (driving power equivalent to 60% of traditional driving power);

★Permanent lubrication technology (no refueling required within the service life of the bearing);

★Adjustable clamping pressure (no slipping, and productivity 50%-80% higher than the three-roll plate bending machine);

★Various rolling demands can be met.


Four-roll plate bending machines of Nantong Xuanjun Machinery are generally applied to rolling of thick plates (maximum thickness of 200 mm) and high-production projects in the contemporary world.

The four-roll plate bending machine is applicable to the following users:

★Users who use the plate bending machine for the first time, as it is a type of plate bending machine that is the easiest one to operate;

★The operator lacks experience, but a high production rate is required;

★It is required that the precision should be high, and the product quality should be improved;

★It is hoped that there is only one operator and the labor cost is reduced;

★Handling devices, feeders or supporting devices are needed for the sake of big plates, high production capacity and safety;

★It is hoped that CNC operation is adopted to reduce human factors such as the artificial operation level.

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