12 meters pipe-making plate bending machine production line

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Main characteristics of Nantong Xuanjun 12 m tube-making plate bending machine production line:

The plate bending machine for making small-diameter and thick-wall 12 m long steel pipes was developed by our company in combination with the features of domestic products. It features a wide range of rolling diameters, high efficiency, low energy consumption and easy operation.


This equipment has unique advantages in the following several aspects

★12 m long drums can be directly formed through rolling;

★ This machine adopts anti-deformation pretreatment technology to eliminate flexural deformation of the upper roll when rolling small-caliber steel pipes and achieving high-roundness products;

★ This machine is suitable for rolling of wide and small-caliber plates or wide and large-caliber plates, realizing high efficiency;

★ The pressurization at both ends of the upper roll is realized by using multiple sets of oil cylinders, the piston rod of the oil cylinder is fixed, and the lifting and lowering of the cylinder body will drive the upper roll seat, so as to effectively make use of the space and increase the material utilization rate;

★Finished products go out from the inner side of the discharging bracket, and it is not required that the bracket is turned over or reset, which improves the safety;

★Products are discharged automatically, which is suitable for streamline production.

12 m tube-making plate bending machine production line mainly consists of edge milling machine, 12 m tube-making plate bending machine and linking machine for longitudinal welded pipe production. Our Company can provide technical support for the whole production line.

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