Wind power tower drum dedicated four-roll plate bending machine

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Fully-CNC four-roll plate bending machine | Three-roll plate bending machine


Why did you choose Nantong Xuanjun four roll plate rolling machine?

1. Automatic material alignment. The back roller of the sheet immediately automatically aligns with the sheet.

Two four roller plate bending machine is used to pre bend and roll the edges, without the need for plate turning.

3 sheet feeding. The plate is always clamped between the upper and lower rollers to ensure consistent and ideal positioning.

4 Auxiliary equipment. The large four roller plate rolling machine can add upper support edges, side brackets, and feeding platforms to form centralized control of alignment, pre bending, and rolling. It can be pre bent quickly and safely, and the edge bracket can play a role in aligning materials and correcting misalignment. The upper bracket is set for rolling large diameter cylinders, which can replace the crane equipment used during the rolling process.


Characteristics of Nantong Xuanjun Four Roll Plate Rolling Machine

★CNC control system;

★Convenient plate alignment;

★One-time edge rolling;

★Convenient large-taper cone rolling;

★Convenient edge misalignment correction;

★The swing of side roll arc enhances the forming force based on the leverage;

★Proportional valves on both sides of the pressure roll are controlled in a synchronized way.


Advantages of four-roll plate bending machine of Nantong Xuanjun Machinery

★Fully-hydraulic drive, high efficiency and energy conservation (driving power equivalent to 60% of traditional driving power);

★Permanent lubrication technology (no refueling required within the service life of the bearing);

★Adjustable clamping pressure (no slipping, and productivity 50%-80% higher than the three-roll plate bending machine);

★Various rolling demands can be met.


Four-roll plate bending machines of Nantong Xuanjun Machinery are generally applied to rolling of thick plates (maximum thickness of 200 mm) and high-production projects in the contemporary world.

The four-roll plate bending machine is applicable to the following users:

★Users who use the plate bending machine for the first time, as it is a type of plate bending machine that is the easiest one to operate;

★The operator lacks experience, but a high production rate is required;

★It is required that the precision should be high, and the product quality should be improved;

★It is hoped that there is only one operator and the labor cost is reduced;

★Handling devices, feeders or supporting devices are needed for the sake of big plates, high production capacity and safety;

★It is hoped that CNC operation is adopted to reduce human factors such as the artificial operation level.

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