Level lowering three-roll plate bending machine

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Fully-CNC four-roll plate bending machine | Three-roll plate bending machine


Description of process actions of level lowering three-roll plate bending machine:

1. This machine is applicable to the bending of thick plates. The lifting and lowering of the upper roll are driven by oil cylinders at both ends. The bearings at both ends are supported by self-aligning roller bearings. The lifting synchronization of upper rolls is controlled by PLC. The tilting side of the upper roll is equipped with a tilting oil cylinder. The tail of the upper roll is equipped with a balance mechanism to facilitate unloading of the rolled workpieces and cylinders.

2. Two lower rolls are supported by self-aligning roller bearings, fixed on the bearing seat of two lower rolls and driven by horizontal moving cases at both ends. Their horizontal movement is controlled by PLC to realize automatic return to the mid-position. This machine is provided with an alignment device to facilitate the alignment of plates.

3. Lower rolls are provided with a set of bearings. There are four supporting rolls that are fixed onto the supporting roll bearing seat.

4. Two lower rolls are active rolls, and the rotary motion of both lower rolls is realized by an electro-hydraulic braking device to ensure accurate positioning during workpiece rolling and pre-bending.

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