Special cone four roller plate rolling machine

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Fully-CNC four-roll plate bending machine | Three-roll plate bending machine


The specialized cone four roller rolling machine is a four star cone rolling machine developed by our company based on the characteristics of domestic products. Has a special rolling effect. Its performance is superior to the same domestic products, with characteristics such as high efficiency, low energy consumption, and easy operation.

The four roller cone rolling machine has four driving rollers, and the power is distributed to the four shafts to provide torque for rolling plates; The lower roller can move vertically up and down to clamp the sheet metal; There are side rollers on both sides of the lower roller and they can be driven by hydraulic oil cylinders for oblique lifting motion. All four rollers are equipped with self-aligning roller bearings. The advantage of this machine is that it can complete pre deformation and rolling conical work at both ends of the plate without the need for auxiliary devices during one feeding, and the remaining straight edges are small.

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