Vertical four roller plate rolling machine

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Fully-CNC four-roll plate bending machine | Three-roll plate bending machine


The vertical four roller plate rolling machine is a universal equipment for rolling ultra long and narrow plates, large diameters, and multi end R workpieces. Its products are mainly used for bending and forming of rib plates in the shipbuilding industry, and can also be used in industries such as boilers, petroleum, chemical, hydropower, and mechanical manufacturing.

This equipment has a pre bending function at the end of the sheet metal, which can load the metal sheet metal in one go without turning the head to complete the pre bending of the sheet end and the bending and rolling of the workpiece. The front and rear rollers of the machine are both the main driving rollers, which are respectively driven by two identical sets of oil motors and planetary reducers; The two rollers on both sides are passive rollers, and their lifting and lowering are both driven by hydraulic transmission. The lifting displacement is controlled by PLC, automatically leveled, displayed on the screen, with a synchronous accuracy of ± 0.2mm. The tilting and resetting of the front roller overturning bearing body are driven by hydraulic transmission, which can facilitate the unloading of the rolled workpiece and cylinder.

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